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About Excursion
<Excursion> is an Alliance guild on Khadgar/Alleria. The guild was created by several players who had been lost in WoW without someone to play with. While many guilds offer place for players, <Excursion> offers players to adventure with, and to be friends to enjoy the game again. 

Hello! This is Diamondheart also known as Phiz in game. I am the Guild Master of <Excursion>. Thanks for taking your time visiting this website. I'd like to introduce a little bit about this guild.
Some hiatus and overall feeling of burn-out, I was looking for a new guild to call home. I tried different guilds of different types, but I couldn't really find myself at home in any of them. Afterall, I understood that I was really looking for players than a guild. I needed to step forward and learn about players, talk, listen, give hands if they needed help. These were missing from my everyday gameplay. In turn, it was partly my own fault that any guild didn't become my home.
After this realization, I posted "LF Friends" on WoW's official guild recruitment forum. After a few quiet days, I started to get whispers, and those players started new characters on the realm I freshly started. This is how Excursion was born.

Although the simple attempt to find a friend has shifted towards building a guild, the fundamental need has not changed. This is a guild to build friendships. What do you do with friend? We run together, offer help, and have good chat. To ensure this, you must be a mature player that can laugh at mistakes , cheering, can say hello, and tolerant to different PoV. Have enthusiasm to the game and people.

-Addition to normal night time activities (typically 8:30pm CST), we have daytime players as well. If you are daytime casual player, this maybe a good fit. 

The guild does not discriminate for race/ethnicity, gender, age, belief, or sexual orientation. 

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